What’s Your Style? A Visual Style Guide

Can’t tell the difference between your Hollywood Regency lounge room makeover from your Shabby Chic Beachy Vintage bedroom?

There are several home décor styles, and using one particular style across the home can really make the interiors come to life. So what are the different styles to choose from, and what are the different elements of furniture, furnishings, textures, vignettes etc that can be used to make up a particular style? Read on to find out.


As the word suggests, this style picks the up on the feel of the countryside, of rural life. With lots of wood textures, the finish here is usually raw, rough or worn. Exposed beams, farmhouse style kitchens, log cabins, wooden ladders, and lofts feature strongly here. Vintage furniture, traditional handloom rugs and carpets, flannel, checks, and blanketed bedding make the rustic room a cozy space to be in. Whitewashed walls, wicker baskets, bunks, attics, bookshelves, porches, all in wood help tie the whole look together.


A fluid style that is born of an “everything goes” mindset, electic is the purposeful throwing together of elements from time different times, in different colors, textures and styles, that work incredibly well together. Throwing together venetian plaster and large print fashion photographs, lacquered paint with large leaning mirrors, divided photographs, tapestries or family photos, quirky pop colours, lucite furniture and animal print rugs, interesting lanterns, mixing the opulence of antique with stark modern, it’s all eclectic.

Retro / Midcentury

As as the name implies, Midcentury style spanned a period of roughly two and a half decades in the middle of the 20th century, from the mid-1940s to 1970. With its simple, fresh aesthetic, Midcentury modern’s emphasis is on steamlined forms, contemporary design that provides functional comfort and chic style.

Hollywood Regency

Just like what movies are made of, this style of décor is glamorous, glitzy, large and loud. A sparkling modern palette, a generous use of throw pillows and gold, bronze and copper finishes all around, carved wood, graphic prints, tufted ottomans, buffet tables, bar carts, pagodas and screens create the ultimate glam-space reminiscent of a Hollywood film.


Best applied in an urban loft space, the industrial look comprises exposed brick, reclaimed wood, rusty metal and celebrates wide open spaces. Other imperfections like peeling paint, neutral tones, may look harsh and undone on their own, but the industrial style seeks to soften them with fine ceramics and a natural palette.

Art Deco

Glamorous, elegant, functional and modern, this style was very popular in the 20s and 30s in America. Using exotic materials, this linear style of decoration comprised geometric and angular forms. There was a strong emphasis on steel and bakelite, with cleaver use of grahic motifs such as chevrons and zigzags.


Open patios, plenty of sunlight, elements of the sea like sand, surf, shells and blue, all the things that remind one of a vacation by the sea comprise a beachy décor. It is one that tries to incorporate all the coastal elements of a nautical theme.

Shabby Chic

A style where items are made to look distressed or worn, vintage and antique. It is a soft, feminine and opulent look at the cottage style country house. Lace, floral, white and pink schemes comprise the shabby chic room.