Why buy vintage, antique or second hand furniture?

Vintage Industrial Travel Shipping Trunk Case Chest Coffee Table Metal Yellow

People buy vintage or second hand furniture for a number of reasons. In fact sometimes the question often is “Why buy something old when you can buy something new?”.

Why wouldn’t you though! Who wants the same table or chair as everyone else that was mass produced, often poorly made and often more expensive.
Don’t get us wrong – there is nothing wrong with the “vintage” look that the retail outlets and large chains stock and all the effort that the manufacturers go to in order to “recreate” an aged look but why buy a copy of essentially an original?

You’d rather have an original painting rather than a copy especially when that assumed copy actually turned out to be an original!

Antique or vintage items (be they furniture or collectables) are not only unique and full of character and history but often are cheaper, better made and better for the environment.

Here are some reasons why you should buy old instead of new.

1. Character

While the words antique, used and vintage often conjure up images of dusty old relics of a bygone era they are anything but. These items tell a story, they have travelled, they have been places. Take an old vintage suitcase for instance – not only do these items have a great look but imagine where they have been (with original travel stickers to boot) and the things they have seen. These items add richness to your décor unlike anything new.

2. Good for the world

Buying old is better for the world. You are recycling and reusing character pieces and importantly are not contributing to landfill. Plus you are not buying new mass produced items each time so the environmental footprint and impact is minimal.

3. History

When you buy used you are buying a piece of history and in doing so you are make a small step in the preservation of the time, ideals and context of the era it came from.

4. Craftsmanship

Vintage furniture and old items tend to be better made than new items today. In particular furniture was hand crafted rather than machine made. Also the scuffs, marks and scratches that come with an items use actually enhance the item rather than degrade it.

5. Personality

Vintage items add contrast, character, originality and personality to a room. These become feature character pieces that add to the fabric and feel of a space. Modern or contemporary spaces are often the ones that benefit the most from a few unique vintage items as they lift the sometime monochromatic feel of modern spaces. Also the vintage items then can stand out and are accentuated in such a décor.

6. Value

Generally vintage item retain or can increase in value. Whilst tastes and trends vary as well as come and go, well-cared for antiques in specific niches tend to go up, or hold their value over time. Also when you buy second hand its obviously cheaper than buying new and in the long run you are getting better value for your money – not only in terms of the items longevity (should last longer) and you can get more for your buck.


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